SNMMI History

In March 1953, sharing an interest in forming a nuclear medicine organization, five radiologists, a cardiologist, two internists, a physicist, an engineer, and a nuclear medicine physician from the Pacific Northwest met in Spokane, Washington. They founded the Society of Nuclear Medicine; all interested in nuclear medicine would be eligible for membership.

Thomas Carlyle was chosen as the first president. The first meeting of the society was held in Seattle, Washington, in 1954. The society soon became a national organization, and the original organization became the society's Pacific Northwest Chapter.

In 2012, the society changed its name to the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging to embrace the growing field of developing probes (radioactive or otherwise) for imaging molecular processes both in the clinic and in basic research.

Over the years, the SNMMI has sponsored various continuing education sessions dedicated to the history of nuclear medicine/molecular imaging and the society itself. A compilation of those sessions is included below.

2014 Annual Meeting / History of Nuclear Medicine: Emphasis on SNMMI

2013 Annual Meeting / History Tribute for Henry Wagner, MD

2012 Annual Meeting / History of Nuclear Medicine

2011 Annual Meeting / History of Nuclear Medicine

In addition, in 2013, through the leadership of the SNMMI History Committee, a "Wall of Remembrance" was created. The wall is on display during the Annual Meeting and features short obituaries of some of the most prominent leaders in the field. Each year, the list of individuals recognized on the wall changes.