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Telephone: 703.708.9000 Fax: 703.708.9015

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SNMMI – General Inquiries 703.708.9000 [email protected]
Abstracts 703.667.5121 [email protected]
Accounts Payable/Receivable 703.652.6771 [email protected]
Advertising 201.767.4170 [email protected]
Advocacy 703.326.1190

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Annual Meeting - Registration 703.708.9000 x2 [email protected]
Annual Meeting - Virtual Edition Exhibitor Customer Service 540.818.9479 [email protected]
Book Sales/Orders 703.326.1191 [email protected]
Clinical Guidelines & Appropriate Use Criteria 703.326.1195 [email protected]
Clinical Trials 703.667.5120 [email protected]
Coding & Reimbursement 703.326.1190

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Corporate Relations 703.326.1194 [email protected]
Continuing Education/Certificates/Transcripts 703.708.9000 x1 [email protected]
Donations 703.326.1194

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Exhibits & Sponsorships 703.652.6764 [email protected]
Grant & Awards 703.652.6780 Grants&[email protected]
JNM/JNMT Permission Requests/Author Reprints/Pay-Per-View 703.652.6777 [email protected]
JNM/JNMT Submissions & Peer Review 703.326.1185 [email protected]
Mailing List Rental 800.708.5478 [email protected]
Media Inquiries 703.652.6773 [email protected]
Membership 703.652.6793 [email protected]
Mid-Winter Meeting Registration/Housing 703.652.6789 [email protected]
Password Reset 703.652.6793 [email protected]
Press Inquiries 703.652.6773 [email protected]
Product Sales/Orders 703.326.1191 [email protected]
Radiopharmaceutical Supply 703.326.1190 [email protected]
Subscriptions 703.326.1191 [email protected]
Volunteer Opportunities 703.652.6766 [email protected]
Webinar Registration 703.652.6789 [email protected]

Staff Directory

Department Contact Direct Line Email
Chief Executive Office
CEO Virginia Pappas 703.326.1181 [email protected]
Executive Assistant to the CEO Sabrina Temesghen 703.652.6776 [email protected]
Research & Discovery
Director Bonnie Clarke 703.667.5120 [email protected]
Associate Director Amanda Abbott 703.652.6795 [email protected]
Business Development/Research Specialist Lance Burrell 703.652.6797 [email protected]
Director Rebecca Maxey 703.652.6772 [email protected]
Associate Director Susan Alexander 703.326.1185 [email protected]
Senior Content & Communications Manager Liana Ascolese 703.652.6775 [email protected]
Senior Publications & Fulfillment Manager Steven Klein 703.326.1191 [email protected]
Senior Copyeditor Susan Nath 703.652.6774 [email protected]
Editorial Production Manager Amy Turner 703.652.6773 [email protected]
Editorial Project Manager Mark Sumimoto 703.652.6777 [email protected]
Administrative Assistant Isabel McKenna 703.652.6778 [email protected]
Development & Marketing
Senior Director Sharon Jenkins 703.326.1194 [email protected]
Director, Marketing Services TBH    
Director, Corporate Development Catherine Lamb 703.652.6764 [email protected]
Associate Art Director Laura Reyes 703.652.6787 [email protected]
Development Administrative Assistant Laura Lopez 703.652.6765 [email protected]
Education & Meeting Services
Senior Director Ann Latham 703.326.1189 [email protected]
Director, Meeting Amy Schull 703.652.6788 [email protected]
Associate Director Lisa Dickinson 703.652.6783 [email protected]
Senior Accreditation Specialist Caroline Krystek 703.326.1184 [email protected]
Senior Program Manager, Scientific Programs Holly Riester 703.667.5121 [email protected]
Senior Meetings Manager Kelly Spann
703.652.6789 [email protected]
Senior Program Manager Jane Kamm 703.652.6781 [email protected]
Senior Manager, Digital Content Hana Nguyen 703.667.5121 [email protected]
Evidence & Quality
Associate Director Julia Trigger 703.326.1193 [email protected]
Senior Program Manager Sara Sims 703.652.6798 [email protected]
Finance & Administration
Chief Financial Officer Vincent Pistilli 703.652.6768 [email protected]
Controller Allen Luckett 703.652.6769 [email protected]
Senior Accounting Manager Ron Jones 703.667.5126 [email protected]
Accounts Payable Accountant (Temp) 703.652.6771 [email protected]
Office Manager Phillip Duse 703.652.6767 [email protected]
Health Policy & Regulatory Affairs
Director Julia Bellinger 703.326.1182 [email protected]
Senior Manager Doug Burrichter 703.652.6760 [email protected]
Human Resources
Manager Katie Donnelly 703.667.5125 [email protected]
Information Services
Senior Director Ali Haidar 703.652.6761 [email protected]
Software Developer Jeremy Ong 703.652.6763 [email protected]
Computer Systems Analyst Michael Deally 703.326.1196 [email protected]
Governance & Member Engagement
Senior Director & SNMMI-TS Administrator Nikki Wenzel-Lamb 703.652.6766 [email protected]
Associate Director, Governance Teresa Ellmer 703.652.6780 [email protected]
Associate Director, Membership Irina Bowyer 703.652.6792 [email protected]
Member Solutions Manager Rshida Meth 703.652.6793 [email protected]
Membership Marketing Manager Minah Hussain 703.652.6779 [email protected]
Governance Manager Victoria Engelen 703.652.6796 [email protected]
Governance Assistant Linda Mihailovic 703.652.6784 [email protected]
Director Linda Budzinski 703.742.5498 [email protected]
Outreach Coordinator Karin Brough 703.326.1188 [email protected]